Jet skiers rescued in bay


At speed: VMR vessel the Alwyn Tamo responds to a call. Picture: Supplied

VOLUNTEER Marine Rescue crews at Western Port received an urgent call for assistance from the Water Police, 8pm, Wednesday 7 February, after a man and his son fell off their jet ski out from the Anderson Street boat ramp, Phillip Island.

The VMR vessel Alwyn Tamo headed out with navigator Ted Lindner saying: “Luckily, we had calm conditions and were able to make a good speed of 41 knots (74kph). After a brief search the pair was spotted about 800 metres offshore.”

VMR crews were told the father had fallen off and was unable to get back on the jet ski. Hanging on, he told his son to retrieve his mobile phone from a waterproof pouch, and then was able to call for assistance.

VMR officer Tim Warner urged boat users to have a plan, and have some form of communication, whether it be a mobile phone, flares, radio, personal locater beacon (PLB) or – better still – all of the above. 

First published in the Western Port News – 13 February 2018